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Weight Loss


What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a service available at 3GS Wellness that helps you reduce body fat in a safe, effective, and physician-supervised manner. It is not like your typical one-size-fits-all diet plan or exercise regimen. Instead, it’s fully personalized and takes your unique needs into account. You can choose between plan one and plan two:

Weight loss plan one

Plan one, the comprehensive weight loss option, includes a full assessment. You get a physical exam and extensive lab work with tests for vitamin B, thyroid hormone, complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, hemoglobin A1C, and a fasting lipid panel. Your provider uses the results to help you identify your weight loss goals and plan your course of treatment.

Weight loss plan two

Plan two is the simplified and more affordable medical weight loss option. You won’t get any lab work, but you still get a complete medical examination and review. Then, your provider supports you in working toward your weight loss goals with a personalized plan.

What does medical weight loss include?

Each medical weight loss plan is a bit different since it takes your health and needs into account. Both plans include an initial lipotropic injection (skinny shot), which is rich in vitamin B12 and helps boost your metabolism. Plan one also includes methylcobalamin, a highly active form of B12, mixed with the lipotropic injection.

Your provider creates a diet plan for you and strategically plans your exercise regimen according to your abilities. Following your diet and exercise plan closely is the most important part of the process and ensures that you see the best possible results from your lipotropic injection.

For either plan one or plan two, your provider might choose to put you on weight loss medication if they determine it’s safe for you to take. You also have options for weight loss injections, including regular lipotropic injections and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which are heavily discounted for you if you’re a participant in plan one.

How does medical weight loss benefit my health?

With some weight loss plans, you might see a weight reduction but no health benefits. With medical weight loss, you’re guaranteed both. Your provider creates your plan to make sure it fulfills your nutritional needs and your body’s physical exercise needs, so that your health improves as a result. A few possible health benefits from losing weight are:

With regular testing throughout your medical weight loss plan, you can see many of these benefits on paper. You also see the number on the scale go down and experience the positive effects of an improved self-image.

To set up and start your medical weight loss plan, call 3GS Wellness Clinic, or book a visit online today.